STYLE CONSULTANT ENGINEERS is committed during performing the services to clients to
apply and fulfill the highest safety and security regulations and standards.

STYLE is strictly following the local regulations of Municipality and Civil Defense during the
design stage as well as the supervision stage. Also the international standards such as NFPA
is considered.

During the design of our projects we cooperate with security and safety consultants and

During construction supervision STYLE shall ensure the contractor compliance with all safety
and security standards and regulations through the monitoring the performance of the
contractor based on the following.


The company is looking to participate in the local development of all fields available a meaning around which companies Aalascharat engineering and specialized company here in this area for urban development specifically whether development in the framework of the implementation and the establishment of projects, construction of integrated or development in the field of real estate investment, whether by creating projects housing owned by the company or the management and marketing of non-owned enterprises, which contribute to increased investments and open up the prospect of new jobs and inject liquidity into the UAE market


Gtinama chance to visit our site, and on behalf of the team total of Gebaly engineering I want to thank you for your support And I invite you to visit our continued where we work on our latest news keen updated us on your satisfaction. We are happy to receive all your comments and Astfassa.


aims to be the first choice by clients in the UAE who seek a reliable engineering
consultancy firm providing services of distinguished professional quality and reassuring
control and judgment.


What distinguishes Style Consulting Engineers?

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